[4.8] Ingrid
Elyos: 43%
Asmodian: 57%
[7.0] Hildr
Elyos: 40%
Asmodian: 60%
Original Aion 6.75: Color Burst [RETAIL]
Easy start
Get all you need to start immidiately. More EXP, more loot and more fun from the beginning!
Retail platform
Yes, this is original or retail server and no, we're not lying. Log in and check for yourself. If you're veteran - you know why we're better.
Minimal shop
You aren't required to donate to be on par. We don't pump out money out of you. We value players and their time.
More loot. Always.
You get more from every monster, every quest than usual. Tired of farming to get nothing? Come to us!
Aion: what is it now?
More PvP. A lot more.
  • When Aion was released, the game was hardcore, difficult and PvP was required to get to the top. Later on devs gradually reduced the heat of combat and lessened reasons for it.
  • Players did not like this, they wanted blood and from that moment up to 5.6 update PvP became mainstream again.
  • There's a lot of ways to meet enemy and clash with him now. This update features new 32-player arena. Among many other possibilities to prove your worth in a fight.
  • You can now attack enemy catipal! The game is turning to it's roots and focuses more on it's race conflict.
Most comfortable gameplay
  • Aion has grown in its ways to be comfortable for players, adding new systems and tweaks to allow you to get best experience out of whatever you do.
  • The game is one of the most diverse in activities. If you like to decirate your houase, if you like to destroy enemies, if you like PvE and raid - it's all here and it's plenty.
  • We make it easier to get everything in game, allowing you to grow and develop your character faster. Everything from loot off monsters to raids on bosses and quests yields more items.
Why should I transfer from retail shard?
  • The game is quite difference of experience here. We value the spirif of freedom, we are not as greedy and we provide the same quality gameplay. We change the game as players see fit, we may add or remove things you like or dislike based on popular vote. We will try to make your experience here much better than retail shards can.
  • We use rates. It's a multiplier for everything in game - AP, EXP, loots and so on. It's easier to play here, you get more for the same time you spend.
  • We use retail platform. It's important for this game, the community has never had a choice - it's retail or nohting. Now you do.
Game shop - the way it should be
EXP boosters
Easy boost - fun gameplay.
You want more? Get some nice supplies!
Skins and pets
Make yourself unique and get a puppy friend!
Choose the pack and get all you need