Retail server Lineage II Classic [RETAIL]
Elevated rate
Server is set to receive goods faster, everything is rated. You'll get maximum from the game.
Retail platform
We only use retail servers here. This is fullest, complete and newest server of L2 Classic.
New possibilities
We've expanded the game: offline trade, item auction and ingame shop are implemented.
Reliable project
We launched in 2016 with no wipes, long downtimes or online drops. Our project is stable and reliable.
Classic version features
Hard levelling!
  • All levels, starting from the earliest, are filled with events
  • Hold defense against the monsters, risking your experience and items whenever you gape in battle
  • Be ready to risk your equipment and experience in a battle for a spot
  • Is open PVP and hunting innocent players your favourite source of fun? Get ready to lose valuable equipment if you fail to stand the battle
Classical trading system
  • Hunt monsters in open locations for crafting resources. But be wary as you're not the only one who is looking for something to feast on.
  • Master the classical trading system where profit is directly dependent on your business talents.
  • Sell your earned resources for Adena and buy items from other players
  • Level up your own warsmith to craft the most valuable items
Клановые войны на своем сервере
  • Create your own clan or join an existing one
  • Fight together for rich hunting zones
  • Get valuable loot from epic bosses and do not let your rivals do it
Get Premium and go - it's all you need
More EXP & SP
You'll get 50% more. Always.
More possibilities
Unique VIP grants many new abilities
More loots
You'll get tired picking it up.