Why you should play at Gamecoast
Easier to level
Less grinding - more fun! All shards are rated
Retail platform
We only use retail server that guarantees top game quality
Balanced shop
Ingame shop is affordable and let's everyone play on par
Fresh updates
We regularly update shards to keep new content coming up

also there's active community, players take part in game configuration, 4 stable years of operation, bonuses for voting, prizes and incentives for newcomers. Thousands of players are online right now, join yourself!

Get Premium and go - it's all you need
More EXP & SP
You'll get more. Always.
More possibilities
More loot, adena, dungeon entries and less penalties.
More loots
You'll get tired picking it up.
More time for EXPing
Tired and want to sleep? Take character to offline camp and EXP while offline