Original Lineage II: Prelude of War [RETAIL] Server
Simplified levelling
Reach the top sooner, farm less and gain more fun. We've set the game so you can enjoy it, not live in it.
Original server
Yes, this is original or retail server and no, we're not lying. Log in and check for yourself. If you're veteran - you know why we're better.
Minimal shop
You aren't required to donate to be on par. We don't pump out money out of you. We value players and their time.
No limits
Keep going - keep getting more. Level your character above and beyond maximum!
What's new in Lineage II?
Levelling became easier
  • Game struly starts at level 85, that's why the way up to it was made far easier than before. In mere hours you'll be able to get to the statues and choose his Awekening.
  • Well balanced quest-chain will lead you through all the necessary locations and will introduce you to the game rewarding and preparing for the Awekening.
  • Vitality will also help you to reach Awekening sooner as well as special levelling buffs, playing in group and more.
  • Look how easy:
Money. Lots of it.
  • Auction, crafting, new alchemy, item syntesis and much more. All new mechanisms are there for you to get a grip on the market and raise some coin. The possibilities are endless. Fight price wars, destroy comtetition and gain, gain... gain!
  • A lot of daily and repeatable dungeons and quests allow you to earn some coin even if you play alone.
  • Developers were decreasing adena amounts to fight bots. We've changed that so you won't need to spend half a day in game to afford new item. Easier, simpler, better.
The most important - PvP
  • 10 classes and 7 races are well balanced in this update. Enchant some armor and get in a fight! There're plently of chances to become victorious with new Olympiad and more battlegrounds.
  • It's easier to start PvPing since you won't need much time to level and gear up. You'll always find some action for you level and gear levels. But most important - hone your skill and prevail.
Get Premium and go - it's all you need
More EXP & SP
You'll get 50% more. Always.
More possibilities
Solo Kamaloka + Premium bonuses + PCCafe points + Offline levelling
More loots
You'll get tired picking it up.
More time for EXPing
Tired and want to sleep? Take character to offline camp and EXP while offline