Premium: Premium status

[GameCoast] Mega Premium Pack (30 days)




All transactions are final and cannot be cancelled even if you cannot use an item or sent it to a wrong character.

[GameCoast] Mega Premium Pack (30 days)

  • Can be traded; Trade via Brokers possible
    [GameCoast] Premium Card (30 д.)
    Yasba's Grace (30 days)
    Cat Queen Egg (30 days)
    [Motion Card] Signboard (30 days)
    Recovery Tea - 100% recovery х20
    Kisk: Stigma Master (own use) (30д.)
    Instant Teleport Scroll to Gerha x50
    White Tiger (30 days) or Tame Lion (30 days)*
    Egg of the Devil of Glory (30 days) or Egg of the Angel of Glory (30 days)*
    [Motion Card] Energy Concentration (30 Days)
    [Title Scroll] Fullmetal Alchemist (30 days)
    * - Random drop from the chest

Important info

  1. Account should not be banned or suspended as well as the character which is to receive the goods.
  2. Item apperance change is only available after level 20.
  3. Attention! Using a skin can only be done for the item of the same type (sword for sword etc)
  4. Attention! After skin has been applied you can no longer trade the item.
  5. Attention! You cannot use skin twice.